Upcoming Events

13 July 2019.  GPA Club Meeting at Red Horse Motoring Club, 132 East 3rd Street

Pottstown, PA, 11am-2pm.  POC Mike Murphy 610-587-6556

GPA members bring your vehicles!

Click HERE for Red Horse Motoring Club Website


28 SEP 2019.  Pottstown Veterans Community Day, Pottstown. 1000 hrs.

Request military vehicles to transport 3 Honored Vets in a parade and then to

IP ceremony at the WWII Memorial, Veterans Island.   POC: MMurphy 610-587-



5 OCT 2019.  Jakes Flea Market & Military Vehicles Show, Rt 100, Barto. 0700-

1200 hrs.  We are up on the hill.  Military Vehicles & Vendors are invited. Rain

or shine.  POC: MMurphy 610-587-6556